Read our Coronavirus Updates to find out how we are working in relation to COVID-19 

Coronavirus Updates

How we will be working in relation to COVID-19

Our Coronavirus updates

How we will be working in relation to COVID-19
Despite the fact that England are currently in lockdown we are still able to undertake removals, as the UK Government has advised that if you cannot delay your removal then your move can go ahead.
In Wales there are currently no restrictions to removals.
Our overall approach is to follow the guidance issued by the Government which can be found using the following link: Coronavirus (COVID-19):guidance
We hope that everyone stays safe during this period and we look forward to resuming normal business as soon as possible.

if a client or family member develops Covid-19 symptoms seven days prior to your removal, we would request our client to contact us immediately, so that we can reschedule your move or put an action plan in place to enable your removal to progress.

Minimum standards that Shoreline Removals operatives will implement

The below standards are to help ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

Our current removals Advice

Below is some general advice to help make removals safe during the current time. Please note the below points are advice and not essential if they cannot be done.

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