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Handling your Antique Removals with care

Antique Removals – You’re in Safe Hands with Shoreline.

We are proud to be a family business providing the kind of personalised and genuinely caring service you would expect; sometimes we move items across town and other times we need to apply specialist export packing for shipping abroad.

Either way, our team are never out of their depth and always provide a polite, courteous and helpful approach that earns us repeat business and recommendations and drives our business.

Fine Art Removals

Antique removals require experience of the objects being moved, which may be valuable, precious, or delicate. Moving antiques brings its own challenges and may be an anxious undertaking for you. You’ll want to ensure that the removals company you use can be trusted to take the proper care of your antique furniture, fine art or other antique items.

Storage for antiques or organise shipping can be arranged if required.

With all the above in mind, every care is taken to ensure your antiques are moved safely and securely.

Antique Removals
Antique piano

Piano Removals

We are a professional piano remover that will treat and handle your piano with the care and expertise that it deserves.

We use specialised equipment such as piano trolleys, electronic taillifts, ramps and packing to remove and install pianos safely.

We quote you the exact cost of the transfer so you know exactly what you will be paying before the piano removal is completed.

Your piano will be safely and securely transported on it’s own piano trolley, with protective packing, with nothing else around it.

We have experience in moving all types of pianos from Upright to Grand Pianos.

Grandfather Clock Removals

Grandfather clocks are another one of our fortes. Grandfather clocks should only be moved by a competent and qualified company. Once again our knowledge, experience and being highly trained in the dismantling and reassembling of clocks.

The greatest of care is taken with the pendulum and clock workings. We remove the pendulum, taking special precautions to avoid distorting the spring at the top, called the ‘feather’, by fastening it securely to a wooden spline.

The clock’s workings are removed by lifting them from the base and placing them in a carton, wrapped in white paper, while ensuring delicate hands are not damaged in the process.

We never use woollen blankets in this instance because fluff can damage the clock workings. All keys and screws are bagged or parcelled then labelled and packed into the same carton.

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