5 Best Things To Do In North Wales Over The Summer

North Wales is truly an amazing place to be able to spend the summer with adventure and fun in every corner of it. Here we have highlighted 5 things that we think are definitely worth scheduling in over the summer whilst the sun is shining and everyone will enjoy getting outside. There are definitely more than these 5 places so use these to get yourself started and you will definitely pick up some more great ways to spend your summer along the way.


If you looking for a fun day out or holiday then look no further. Portmeirion is a picturesque Italianate village located on the coast of Snowdonia. It is a magical and hidden gem of North Wales housing beautiful gardens, beaches, restaurants, shops and hotels. With a cluster of historic cottages and two hotels it is the perfect getaway for large families or a couples retreat. If you just want a simple day out then I’m sure you could easily spend most of your day exploring the 70 acres of woodland and exotic that can take you from coastal coves to the heart of the forest. However, if you are looking to indulge the artistic personality then you can spend the day getting lost in the beauty of the wonderful buildings and gardens.

Mount Snowdon

Snowdonia is absolutely packed with things to do but one of the absolute musts is getting to the summit of Mount Snowdon. Snowdon is the tallest mountain in England and Wales so once you’ve scaled its many peaks you have a range of beautiful sights like Snowdonia, Anglesey and you can even see as far as lreland. There are a variety of different ways, 6 paths in fact,  that you can take to get to the summit but the most common path is the Llanberis path. It’s the most gradual path which offers some fantastic views which makes it perfect for beginners. It’ll roughly take you about 6 hours to get to the summit and back which makes it a perfect activity for a lovely summer’s day out.


In North Wales there is always adventure so no wonder it is home to the fastest zipline in the world. At Zipworld you can take the exhilarating journey over the Penrhyn Quarry reaching speeds over 100mph on the longest zipline in Europe. If you want something you can do with the younger kids as well then Zipworld also offer a unique adventure called Bounce Below. Kids as young as 7 can spend their day jumping around a diffused slate cavern underground. This underground net experience lets you and your kids bounce around a maze of trampolines with a stunning atmosphere.

The Isle of Anglesey

The Isle of Anglesey is a beautiful island in North Wales and is perfect if you are looking to get some time on the beach with over a hundred miles of beautiful and picturesque coastline and award-winning beaches. This small island definitely doesn’t run out of things to do and no matter where you go there will always be something fun to do. For the nature lovers there are fantastic walking trails everywhere and if you are up for a bit of bird watching you can go the South Stack Lighthouse and Cliffs and catch a glimpse of some puffins. If you get a kick from the paranormal then you can go see what is known locally as “the haunted house on the hill” at Craig-y-mor which also appeared in the ITV crime drama Safe House. If you are looking for some extreme adventure then you might even want to try a night cliff camping over the sea.

Caernarfon Castle

Without a doubt Caernarfon Castle is easily one of the most astonishing castles in North Wales. This intimidating fortress brings in audiences from all around because of its stunning appearance making it a great day out for all of the family. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids happy whilst the older members of the group can really take the time to appreciate the immensity of the castle they are standing in. Caernarfon Castle was built by King Edward I so it is surrounded by a rich and interesting history which will undoubtedly leave you fascinated. It isn’t everyday that you get to see a castle which is un such good condition so don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit in the summer because you can also enjoy some time at the seafront promenade if the castle is a bit too overwhelming.

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