How To Pack Your Kitchen When Moving Home

How To Pack Your Kitchen When Moving Home

Finally, found that dream house of yours and are eager to move in? Well, let’s get you moving in as quickly and efficiently as possible, in this blog we’ll go over the best ways to pack up your everyday kitchen appliances to make sure that nothing gets damaged in transit.

What will you need to pack your kitchen item?

Throwing everything into boxes with absolutely zero care will probably end up with your crockery into little bits by the time the boxes make it to their new home. Specific items within your kitchen require particular ways of being packed up to make sure they’re as safe as possible, you will need packing and dish boxes for compiling multiple items but make sure they’re good quality boxes the last thing you want is the bottom of the box to tear open. Dish boxes are double layered to remove the opportunity of anything ripping or becoming damaged compared to packing boxing.

In addition to the boxes, you will need to have packing paper and bubble wrap at hand so you can wrap up and secure anything fragile within the boxes, lining the boxes with bubble wrap will make sure everything is definitely secure.

Make sure everything is organised

When packing for your new home you need to make sure you have somewhat of a plan when it comes to what goes where, before you do that you need to sort out what is going to be packed in the first place in addition to where it is currently is within your home. Go around your kitchen and sort out your various kitchen items into sections: Crockery, Cutlery, Pots and pans then last but not least appliances.

Whilst you are organising all of your kitchen items into different piles you can also sort through all of your items and decide which things you want to throw away or keep. Once you have organised all of your kitchen items you can then proceed with the packing process, if there is a pile of items which you would like to get rid of the best option would be to take it to your local charity shop or tip.

Keep some essentials to one side

During the move into your new place, you won’t be packing everything up and moving it within the same day, so you need to keep out some essential items that you use on a daily basis so you can carry on using your kitchen during the move. Once the move is in its final stages, take your essential items wrap them up and move them last, just so you’re not being left without anything during the process.

How to pack specific things

Not everything in your kitchen can be packed in the same way as one another, in this section, we’ll go over how to pack specific items, from smaller items such as cutlery that can rattle about if they’re not secured properly, to all the way to heavy appliances that could get damaged in transit.


When it comes to sorting out your crockery for packing you need to sort it out by type of crockery (bowl, plate etc.) then sort them out by size, if they’re wrappable and stackable, the better. Wrap each piece of crockery in wrapping paper using bubble wrap if you want them to be extra secure, and finally, use some tape to make sure the paper or the wrap doesn’t come undone.

Something to note when it comes to crockery, always pack them horizontally, never stack them, and keep on packing them horizontally till the box is securely full, if you can’t fit any more in there use paper or clothes to fill empty space (it also acts of a way of padding the box to keep the crockery safe.)


When it comes to sorting out cutlery to be packed you need to pack them into types so they’re easier to pack in addition to being easier to unpack when you end up making it to your new kitchen. Each utensil of similar size should be wrapped in groups of 6-8 to make the most of the wrapping paper, make sure you use bubble wrap when dealing with sharp knives securing the blade and then making sure it’s secure with tape.

Pots and Pans

When packing up your pots and pans it’s quite straightforward, wrap with wrapping paper then line with bubble wrap, once each one is as secure you will need to stack them in ascending size order, put the smaller pan in the bigger pan, it’s as simple as that.


It may take a bit more care when it comes to packing your heavy kitchen appliances such as microwaves and toasters, wrap your items as follows: Wrap the fragile parts of your appliances in bubble wrap and then when it comes to the less fragile stuff you should use wrapping paper. Last but not least place the appliance in a secured dish box or the appliances original box (if the box itself is in a good condition.)

Need help moving your kitchen items to your new home? 

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