Top Tips For Decluttering Your Home When You Are Moving

Work one room at a time

Working through the house one room at a time is such a simple thing that you can do however you’d be surprised how many people get carried away. You might end up having all of the rooms in your house looking like they have been hit by a tornado with all your pointless clutter lying out in the open. An even worse, yet more likely, scenario is you end up doing nothing all day. You’ll float from room to room thinking about what could go and then before you know it, the day is gone and you are back to square one.

Sort through your clothes

Clothes can take up a lot of room without you realising it. After years of accumulation it all adds up and when you are moving this can be an absolute nightmare. The boxes of clothes will end up taking more room than your furniture. Luckily there are some techniques you can use to help thin the wardrobe. One effective technique is the Closet Hanger Experiment. This helps you recognise the clothes that you never wear and if after 6 months you haven’t worn it, then you don’t need it. It is really simple, make sure all of your clothes are hung in one direction and then anytime you wear an item just change it to the other direction. After 6 months have passed you’ll easily be able to see what you wear and what you don’t.

Set a day

Decluttering can appear as a mammoth task which always leads to a lot of procrastination. In order to prevent this it is crucial that you set a day aside which is designated to the long awaited decluttering process and stick to it. It can be easy to let other things get in the way but when moving days comes and you realise your just moving some old junk around, you’ll be kicking yourself.

Be honest

Being honest is a huge part of decluttering. If you aren’t being honest with yourself about whether you actually still need certain things anymore then your decluttering quest is going to be a complete waste of time. For those people who need help with this part of decluttering here are some questions that you can ask yourself.  

  • Do you really need it?  
  • Does it still work?
  • Could someone else make better use of it?
  • Is it sentimental?
  • When was the last time you used it?


There is no better time to sort through all of your paperwork than when you are preparing to move. Depending on how often you sort through all of your important documents and paperwork this might take up a whole day so it is worth setting a day aside for this task alone. Make sure that you have a got a paper shredder on standby because it is going to come in handy when are trying to get rid of all of those outdated bills and instruction manuals for appliances you no longer have.


Now, when people are doing a mass decluttering of their home there are those items that they can’t separate from but equally can’t go with you to your new home so the solution to this is to put these things into storage. The reason for a declutter is to ease stress when it comes to moving day so if there are items that you can’t decide on and they are stressing you out, put them into storage and come back to them once you don’t have as much on your plate. There’s no reason to have unneeded stress hanging over your head at a time as busy as moving house.

Do you want to declutter your home?

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